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To maximize customer satisfaction, to provide the best mechanical production equipment

Vibrated Batch Charger

  Feeding machine is the most widely used special equipment in the glass factory, the machine is a kind of open type reciprocating movement of the feeding machine, feeding quantity can be adjusted, simple structure, reasonable design, use and maintenance cycle is long.

Bottle arranging machine

  The company's main BLPP bottle machine, BLPP bottle machine can be from the annealing furnace out of the classification of glass bottles and neatly transported to the end of the packaging platform for manual or automated packaging production line.

I.S. Machine

  The microcomputer process control automatic bottle production line, can greatly improve labor productivity, reduce labor costs.


  Radiation type electric heating forehearth through design calculation and measure precision, can achieve control of longitudinal temperature constant, uniform, and component section temperature homogenization of high coefficient of glass liquid.


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  Weifang Kaizhong Light Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional enterprise which manufactures glass engineering goods. The company has a number of professionally designs, produces, sells and serves streamlined engineering technology and enterprise managerial talent . The company processes self-containedly, the advanced craft , the perfect management system of quality , the complete detection ways . The company has established the system of perfect quality assurance , and has already passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system authentication.

   The leading products of company have various kinds of feeding material machines, Channel type Double-deck Heating Forhearthse , Material way mixer ,Material supporting machine ,Bottle arranging machine , Bottle importing machine , delivering machine , Bottle pushing machine , packing machine , steady voltage valve ,etc. and various kinds of determinants are made bottle machine fittings , air compressor fittings ,etc.……



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